Britt + Matt

Britt & Matt’s Love Story

First, the Army brought Matt to Savannah from his home state of Maryland. Then I vacationed in Savannah and was captivated by the beauty of the city and thought it would be the perfect location to work as a wedding planner. I felt the city had something special in store for me. With this in mind, I moved to Savannah not knowing a single person.

Five years later, Matt and I matched on Tinder but I had already sworn off Tinder dates. A week later we passed each other on the sidewalk and my heart almost beat out of my chest. When we locked eyes, I felt a spark instantly ignite in every cell in my body. It was like I was recognizing him not only as someone from an app but also as someone who was going to change my life forever. Ultimately, it was a good thing we had matched on Tinder because in that moment I was speechless. I needed to collect myself before I could actually carry on a conversation and accept his invitation to share a bowl of melted cheese. Shortly after our first date, we both knew it was meant to be forever and three years later we wed.

Our Favorite Wedding Moments

My favorite part of our wedding day was that we chose to write our own vows. I said my vows first in the hope that I could get through them without crying. When it was Matt’s turn he got a tear out of me and immediately followed by making me laugh. His vows showed how well he knows my heart and that his promises would mean a lifetime of laughter and joy. In the long run that is what it’s all about.

We both also loved our first dance. Neither of us had any dance experience. Well, I think Matt knows a little tap dance but that’s a story for another time. We could only do the awkward waddle of a slow dance that we learned in junior high. Matt was away for work until a few short weeks before the wedding. We did a crash course of dance lessons at Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio when he returned. We ended up feeling pretty confident performing our first dance after all.

Another one of my favorite memories of the wedding day was the visit from my dog. Charley is a mini dachshund who undoubtedly would have taken it upon himself to be the cake topper, had he been invited to the reception. But such a special day wouldn’t have been complete without him so he made an appearance in my bridal suite prior to the ceremony so we could take some pictures together adorned with his flower collar. This helped so much in easing my nerves about being the center of attention and ensured I got hugs and kisses from all of my dearest loved ones including my pup.

The Wedding of a Wedding Planner

I wanted our celebration to be really colorful so I didn’t choose a specific color palette but was continually drawn to use jewel tones with pops of bright colors. I used gold accents throughout the day because I love a little sparkle and gold is a symbol of eternity. Flowers were important to me and played a large role in our garden theme. My bridal bouquet was a dream! I worked with our florist to choose a mix of my favorite blooms and a variety of greenery to add different textures. I don’t think you can have too many flowers. We had flowers printed on our invites and table numbers. Not to mention a full sleeve of flowers and the sheet music of our wedding song that is tattooed on my arm.

We chose to have the reception at the Olde Pink House, a national landmark rich with history. We wanted our guests to experience southern cuisine at it’s finest. Hors-d’oeuvres included pan-seared crab cakes, mac & cheese poppers and crispy scored flounder with apricot shallot sauce. The entree selections included shrimp and grits, fried chicken and gourmet burgers. Our wedding cake was a vanilla cake infused with lavender with peach filling and cream cheese frosting. We also had mini cheesecakes and chocolate mousse shooters.

As a wedding planner, of course, I had dreamed of my own wedding for as long as I could remember. Our wedding day was everything I had hoped it would be and a little more. I am so grateful to the talented vendors that helped me bring my vision to life and to our family and friends for making the trip to celebrate with us. More than anything I am thankful for this man, the hero of my heart, that loves me and inspires me.


Venue Savannah Botanical Gardens & The Olde Pink House
Date September 23, 2017
Photography Alexis Sweet Photography

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